​​​​​​This high-end model is specially engineered for country uses 200 ~ 250 VAC; 50/60 Hz and includes HyperDrive technology. 


HyperDrive technology reduces noise to levels far below any of its predecessors. Additionally, this newest innovation by Chang improves sound stage, dynamics contrast, inner details, 3-dimensionality, high frequency extension, and video reproduction. All in all, Chang’s HyperDrive technology stretches the performance of the Lightspeed Powerline Filter to an unprecedented level.

X-Series 55

    • 3 filtered level 1 (core-L4) digital outlets
    • 3 filtered level 2 (core-L4) amplifier outlets
    • 2 filtered level 3 (core-L4) analog outlets
    • TV/Phono Outlets Filtration  – Level 3 filtration (Core-L4)
    • 1100 joules/40,000 A surge capacity
    • Power 20 high current-low noise power cord
    • Power factor correction level 2
    • Dimensions: 483 x 235 x 135 mm
    • CE compliant

    • HyperDrive (TM) technology (Core-H1)



Michael Chang, engineer and stereophile, designed the Lightspeed Powerline Filters after being disappointed with the powerline filters available on the market. Mr. Chang's design eliminates AC contamination without the use of lag/noise inducing transformers or coils. In 1991, Michael and his sister Stella founded Chang Audio Corporation.


A small staff of technicians hand assembles and tests each unit from quality parts before it is shipped out. The combination of this care in craftsmanship, with the effectiveness of filtration and the units' low cost, has won Chang Lightspeed Powerline Filters acclaim and buyers worldwide.