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​​​​​​This high-end model is specially engineered for country uses 200 ~ 250 VAC; 50/60 Hz and includes HyperDrive technology. 


HyperDrive technology reduces noise to levels far below any of its predecessors. Additionally, this newest innovation by Chang improves sound stage, dynamics contrast, inner details, 3-dimensionality, high frequency extension, and video reproduction. All in all, Chang’s HyperDrive technology stretches the performance of the Lightspeed Powerline Filter to an unprecedented level.

X-Series 55

  • 3 filtered level 1 (core-L5) digital outlets

    3 filtered level 2 (core-L5) amplifier outlets

    2 filtered level 3 (core-L5) analog outlets

    TV/Phono Outlets Filtration  – Level 3 filtration (Core-L5)

    1100 joules/40,000 A surge capacity

    Power 20 high current-low noise power cord

    Dimensions: 483 x 235 x 135 mm

    CE compliant

    HyperDrive (TM) technology (Core-H1)

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