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This dedicated reference digital device delivers see-through transparency, precise imaging, speed and power and pitch-black background to a new level.

Reference Ultimate 2 Digital

  • Reference Ultimate 2 Digital:

    2 filtered (core-R3 level 2) digital outlets (11)

    2 filtered (core-R3 level 4) digital outlets (22)

    4 filtered (core-R3 level 6) digital outlet (33 & 44)

    1260 joules/90,000 amperes surge capacity

    2400 Watts/20 Amperes power/current capacity

    Standard 6 foot 8 gauge ultra-low inductance ultra-high speed dual Power 20 power cord with hospital grade Dual Mono Plug (DMP)

    Dual parallel fusing construction

    All hospital grade outlets

    Additional shunting mechanism for digital and analog outlets

    Set of 4 vibration control spikes provided

    HyperDriveTM Technology

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