This new reference level device (MK III) delivers ultimate see-through transparency, precise imaging, ultimate speed and absolute power delivery against a pitch-black background.


The CLS Reference MK III powerline filter redefines industry expectations.


Available as a 200 ~ 250 VAC model. Most European style plugs (not outlets) available, contact your dealer for availability and pricing differences.


CLS Reference MKIII

    • 2 filtered (core-R2 level 1) digital outlets
    • 2 filtered (core-R2 level 2) digital outlets
    • 2 filtered (core-R2 level 3) digital outlets
    • 4 filtered (core-R2 level 4) analog power amp outlets
    • 2 filtered (core-R2 level 6) analog outlets
    • 2 filtered (core-R2 level 7) analog outlets
    •  1260 joules/90,000 amperes surge capacity
    • 3600 Watts/30 Amperes power/current capacity
    • Standard 6 foot 8 gauge ultra-low inductance ultra-high speed dual Power 20 power cord with hospital grade Dual Mono Plug (DMP)
    • Dual parallel fusing construction
    • All hospital grade outlets
    • Additional shunting mechanism for digital and analog outlets
    • Advanced power factor correction mechanism
    • HyperDriveTM Technology (Core-H1)